Half Canvas vs Full Canvas Construction

Half Canvas vs Full Canvas Construction

In the realm of custom tailoring, the choice between half canvas and full canvas construction is crucial. Let's explore the essence of both to help you make an informed decision for your next tailored commission.

What is Canvas?

Canvas is essentially the hidden layer between your jacket material and the inner lining. Often made from a blend of horse hair and synthetic, it is there to give a garment shape, structure and insure it moulds to the wearers body.

Half Canvas

Half canvas construction offers a blend of affordability and quality. With the canvas extending from the chest to the midsection, these suits provide a better tailored fit than any fused or ready to wear option. More affordable than a full canvas construction but with less drape meaning you can’t always achieve the same fantastic fit that a full canvas suit might. This is minimal but so is the saving so for us not always worth it.

Full Canvas
Full canvas suits embody the pinnacle of tailoring craftsmanship. Reinforced entirely with canvas interlining through the front panel of the jacket, they offer a superior drape and fit. Slightly more costly than half canvas but for us more than worth it, the jacket with the extra weight and shape from the canvas will contour to the body and mould to the wearer over time. There is a reason why any reputable tailor will make a full canvas suit and the same reason why at Tailor Made we only offer a full canvas construction on our suit’s.