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Cuff Buttons

Cuff Buttons

Cuff Buttons Options. Style and Number

Cuff Buttons

Another option you can choose when designing your suit is the number of buttons on the cuff.

The number and style of cuff buttons has no real practical advantages.  Choosing your cuff buttons is purely an aesthetic option. It can show off that you have an individual one-of-a-kind, personally designed suit.

The number of Cuff Buttons is purely down to personal preference. We would recommend the standard choices of either having three, four or five buttons.

Another option is to have kissing buttons (also known as stacked buttons or waterfall buttons). These are cuff buttons that overlap slightly. See the image on the right hand side in the picture above.

You can also choose different variations in the cotton around the buttonholes. You can choose to have the cotton of all of the buttonholes a different colour to the suit fabric. Alternatively you can have just the final button a different colour. This really stands out, and is shown in both of the examples above.

We recommend to have working cuffs (also known as surgeon cuffs) on all of our suit jackets.

This means that all of the buttons can be undone. Again this no longer really has any practical applications. Originally it was so that the wearer could unbutton his jacket sleeves and roll them up in the same way you would a shirt, in order to keep the jacket sleeves clean when taking part in a messy task .

Nowadays we would recommend working cuffs as this is one of the signs of a bespoke tailored suit.

A good option is to have four buttons on your cuff, but always wear the final button undone.

This shows an odd number of buttons which is aesthetically pleasing and highlights that your wearing a bespoke suit. Having the final button hole in an opposing colour highlight this even more.