Modern Men's Tailoring in London

Jacket Buttons

Jacket Buttons; 1, 2 or 2.5

Number of Jacket Buttons; 1, 2 or 2.5

Number of Jacket Buttons

One Button Jacket

The one-button single-breasted suit creates a very stylish suit jacket.

One-button suits can be more of a risky fashion statement and therefore are seen more in social settings rather than a business environment.

Generally, suits with one jacket button can look best on lean men.

On a one button suit, the jacket should be buttoned when standing and unfastened when sitting down to avoid and unsightly drape.

Two Button Jacket

The two-button single-breasted suit is one of the most classic looks in men’s fashion. This style of suit looks good for just about any body type.

These suits are the most likely to stay in style.

Suits with 2 jacket buttons are great for both social and business events and are considered to be the most versatile.

The two button suit is the universal standard because its frame-lenthening properties complement virtually all builds.

On a two button suit, the top button should remain buttoned, while the bottom button is left undone. This gives a better silhouette and is more comfortable.

2.5 Button Jacket

The 2.5 Button Jacket is also known as a 3-roll-2 or a three-roll-two lapel.

The jacket has two visible jacket buttons and one button hidden on the roll of the lapel.

Similarly to a double breasted suit, although the hidden top button is functional, it’s just a style feature and shouldn’t be buttoned.

There are various theories of how this style developed including the wearer wanting to show more of their tie on a three button jacket or wanting to button up against the cold.

A hidden button on a 2.5 button jacket is a sign of quality craftmanship. Since a functioning buttonhole on a lapel can only be applied to a rounded lapel, this suggests the use of a canvas lining, a much more luxurious option that the inferior fused lining.