Our Process

Tailor Made London are the only British men’s tailors combining traditional tailoring craft with state of the art body scanning technology. We offer a simple 4 step process to create a beautifully made and fitted garment in just a few weeks.


Meet a Personal Tailor

Visit one of our London stores and meet one of our expert personal tailors who will guide you through a collection of over 3000 Italian and British Savile Row cloths for every season and occasion.


Select your Style

Choose from a wide range of colours, fabrics and finishes. Everything from the cut and lining, to the buttons and embroidery is chosen by you.


Get Measured

In just 10 seconds our 3D body scanner takes thousands of precise body measurements and figuration to ensure an exceptional fit. Our garments are cut to fit the individual without the need for numerous, superfluous and time-consuming visits required by more traditional tailors.


Final Fitting

Garments are completed over the course of a few weeks, at which point you will be invited back in-store for a fitting. If any minor tweaks are needed then these are done within a few days at our London workshop.