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Each Tailor Made garment is individually cut from your unique pattern and finished using only the finest materials for luxurious comfort and fit.

We pride ourselves on fair pricing in return for quality craftsmanship with the price ultimately being determined by choice of cloth, and method of construction.


We currently offer 3 forms of construction along with the choice where the suit is made.

Full Canvas from £1050

Our full canvas suits are crafted using a full floating horse hair canvas for supreme comfort and movement. With no fusing or glue involved, the jacket will mould to the wearer over time, the suit is cut by machine to streamline the process and hand stitched elements added to achieve a sartorial finish.

Full Canvas Made in Italy from £1300

Our premium product, crafted with an even lighter and supple canvas to achieve ultimate comfort, movement and breath ability. While the fabric is still cut by hand, our Made in Italy production has an array of hand stitched elements making it the epitome of luxury and style.

Handmade in Italy from £2000

Our highest quality form of production, made entirely by hand with no machinery involved. With not a single piece of fusing involved, our Handmade in Italy suits are a piece for life. Our Italian tailors will invest 40 hours into a single suit and 30 into the jacket alone.


Full Canvas from £800

Our full canvas jackets come with a number of design options to choose from, everything from the lapel, buttons and lining all chosen by you. We offer numerous shoulder constructions and sartorial details so the garment is unique to you and your needs.

Full Canvas - Made in Italy from £1000

Much like our full canvas jackets, we have an array of options to choose from so your jacket fits not just your body but also your personality. Made using our lighter weight canvas we are able to achieve maximum comfort and movement in our jackets with all the details stitched by hand.

Handmade in Italy from £1800

Made completely by hand meaning the jacket will drape and hang over the wearer naturally and slowly mould itself to you with each wear. Much like our other constructions, there is an endless list of possibilities to customise the garment to your taste and style.


Traditional from £155

Our extensive shirting programme is made using modern techniques and finishes, resulting in a luxury shirt with maximum comfort and style. Assembled using numerous sewing machines and made with 19 stitches per inch ensuring a consistent high end finish. Everything from the collar, cuffs, buttons and embroidery details are chosen by you.

Handmade from £195

As the name suggests, our hand made shirts are constructed completely by hand. Not a single piece of machinery is used, put together using age-old techniques that tailors would have used before the invention of the sewing machine.

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Traditional from £800

Our coats are crafted using a thin layer of horse hair canvas in the chest and shoulder to give shape and structure. Our coating range is as comprehensive as our suiting offering, with an array of design options to choose from to customise the coat entirely to your taste and style.

Unconstructed from £800

Unlike our traditional coats, there is no canvassing used for a more natural look and drape. Perfect for a more transitional piece when the weather isn’t quite as cold. However, all of the same design options apply so the coat can be customised entirely by you.


Denim from £250

Our denim jeans are crafted in Northern Italy by dedicated artisans specialising in denim for over 20 years. Each pair is made on demand using traditional weaving techniques reducing waste and making it a much more sustainable way to buy jeans. Much like our other garments every pair is fully customisable.


Knitwear from £195

Our premium knitwear is made in Southern Italy using the finest Italian merino wool, cashmere and silk. Produced by specialists on 3D knitting machines, we are able to offer an extremely comfortable and stable piece of knitwear. We offer everything from polos, v necks, cardigans, zip necks, roll necks and many more. With 28 colours to choose from we have something for everyone, our knitwear also comes in single ply yarn for something more refined. But also in a two ply yarn for a more chunky piece of knitwear.


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